City: Milwaukee

Image description: A black-and-white portrait-style photo of Golda Meir.

Golda Meir

Golda Meir was a teacher and organizer in Milwaukee before becoming Israel's first female prime minister in 1969.
Image description: A headshot of Patty Loew.

Patricia “Patty” Loew

Patricia "Patty" Loew is a celebrated journalist, filmmaker, and educator about Native Americans in Wisconsin.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Mildred Fish-Harnack standing outside and gazing above her.

Mildred Fish-Harnack

Mildred Fish-Harnack was the only American woman to die by Adolf Hitler's direct order for spying on Germany during World War II.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Vernice Gallimore sitting with her fellow police officers.

Vernice Gallimore

Vernice Gallimore became Milwaukee's first African American policewoman in 1946.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Angna Enters holding a framed piece of art.

Angna Enters

Angna Enters was a renowned dancer, who produced over 200 mime compositions.
Image description: A black-and-white headshot of Catherine Conroy.

Catherine Conroy

Catherine Conroy was a founding member of both the National Organization for Women and the Coalition of Labor Union Women.
Image description: A black-and-white headshot of Ardie Clark Halyard.

Ardie Clark Halyard

Ardie Clark Halyard co-founded the first African American-owned savings and loan association (S&L) and was the first woman president of the Milwaukee NAACP chapter.
Image description: A black-and-white headshot of Gene Cohen Boyer.

Gene Cohen Boyer

Gene Cohen Boyer was an activist for women’s rights, a successful businesswoman, and a founding member of multiple feminist organizations.
Image description: A photo of Bonnie Blair wearing her Olympic gold medals.

Bonnie Blair

Bonnie Blair is a world record-holding speed skater, a six-time Olympic medalist and the most decorated woman in Winter Olympic history.
A headshot of Miriam Ben Shalom in her drill sergeant uniform.

Miriam Ben Shalom

Miriam Ben Shalom was a drill sergeant in the U.S. Army before being discharged for her sexual orientation; she was later the first LGBT serviceperson ever reinstated.