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Image description: A black-and-white photo of Lorraine Hansberry holding a pencil with her right hand and using her left to lean on a desk.

Lorraine Hansberry

Lorraine Hansberry's first Broadway play, A Raisin in the Sun, changed how Black people's lives were shown in American theater.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Margaret H’Doubler standing next to a model of the human skeleton and raising her right arm.

Margaret H’Doubler

Margaret H’Doubler, “founder of American college dance,” created a dance major — the first in the U.S. — at the University of Wisconsin in 1926.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Frances Hamerstrom holding her arm out for a raptor with its wings spread.

Frances Hamerstrom

Frances Hamerstrom, an ornithologist who helped save the prairie chicken population in Wisconsin, was the first woman in the U.S. to earn a master’s degree in wildlife management.
Image description: A portrait-style photo of Ruth Gruber sitting on a chair.

Ruth Gruber

Ruth Gruber was a journalist and humanitarian known for her work documenting the lives of refugees.
Image description: A black-and-white cameo-style photo of Zona Gale.

Zona Gale

In 1921, American author and playwright Zona Gale became the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, for the play MISS LULU BETT.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Suzy Favor Hamilton wearing a Wisconsin uniform while running at a track event.

Suzy Favor Hamilton

Suzy Favor Hamilton is a record-breaking runner, a three-time Olympic athlete, and a vocal advocate for mental health.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Angna Enters holding a framed piece of art.

Angna Enters

Angna Enters was a renowned dancer, who produced over 200 mime compositions.
Image description: A headshot of Lynne Cheney.

Lynne Cheney

Lynne Cheney, who served as Second Lady of the United States, has devoted much of her career to writing and speaking about the importance of American history education.
Image description: A headshot of Ellen Bravo.

Ellen Bravo

Author and activist Ellen Bravo has fought tirelessly for policies that support working women and their families.
Image description: A black-and-white headshot of Ruth Bleier.

Ruth Bleier

Ruth Bleier was a neurophysiology professor whose pioneering work showed that there was gender bias in the field of biological science.