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Image description: A headshot of Ramona Villarreal.

Ramona Villarreal

Ramona Villarreal is a Mexican American activist who has devoted her life to fighting for equality and justice for people with Mexican/Latinx heritage in Wisconsin.
Image description: A black-and-white headshot of Anita Herrera.

Anita Herrera

Anita Herrera grew up in a family of migrant farm workers and devoted her career to improving education, employment, and living conditions for People of Color in Wisconsin.
Image description: A headshot of Debora Gil Casado.

Debora Gil Casado

Community activist and educator Debora Gil R. Casado cofounded the first Spanish-language immersion school in Madison, Wisconsin.
Davids: Image description: A headshot of Dorothy Davids.

Dorothy Davids

Dorothy "Aunt Dot" Davids was a respected Native American educator in Wisconsin and an author, speaker, community organizer, and activist for peace and justice.
Image description: A black-and-white cameo-style photo of Mildred Barber.

Mildred Barber

Mildred Barber was one of the first three women elected to the Wisconsin Legislature.