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Image description: A black-and-white photo of Anne Nicol Gaylor sitting at a desk.

Anne Nicol Gaylor

Anne Nicol Gaylor was an activist who worked to make abortion legal for Wisconsin women and to protect the separation of church and state.
Image description: A portrait-style photo of Hannah Rosenthal in front of an American flag.

Hannah Rosenthal

Jewish activist Hannah Rosenthal served as a U.S. special envoy to work against anti-Semitism.
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Sister Joel Read crossing her arms.

Sister Joel Read

Sister Joel Read served for 35 years as president of Alverno College and became widely known and respected for her innovative education reforms.
Image description: A headshot of April Ulring Larson.

April Ulring Larson

Elected by the La Crosse Area Synod in 1992, Rev. April Ulring Larson became the first female Lutheran bishop in North America and the second in the world.
Image description: A black-and-white portrait-style photo of Olympia Brown.

Olympia Brown

Olympia Brown was the first woman to be ordained a minister in the U.S. and was president of Wisconsin’s Woman Suffrage Association for 28 years.