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She is a history professor and an important
scholar of women’s suffrage in the U.S.
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Mabel Watson


Mabel Raimey was the first African American woman to graduate from University of Wisconsin-Madison, attend Marquette University Law School, and practice law in Wisconsin.

Law,, lawyer,, first,, Milwaukee,, Dane,, Madison.
Maria Luisa Morales
Maria Luisa Morales has worked for justice for Latinx communities in Wisconsin since the 1960s.
Activism & Social Change, Immigration, Migrant Workers, Racine, Activist, Latinx, Latina

Nellie Wilson
Nellie Wilson spent her life fighting for employment opportunities for women and was the first African American woman to hold a leadership position in her local steelworkers union.
Activism & Social Change, first, Milwaukee, Activist, Labor, African American

Ramona Villarreal
Ramona Villarreal is a Mexican American activist who has devoted her life to fighting for equality and justice for people with Mexican/Latinx heritage in Wisconsin.
Activism & Social Change, Education, Activist, Teacher, First, Milwaukee, Waushara, Dane