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She was the first woman chief of the Madison Fire Department
and one of the first women fire chiefs in the country.
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Anita Herrera devoted her career to improving education, employment, and living conditions for people of color in Wisconsin.

Activism & Social Change,, Education,, Government & Politics,, Activist,, Latina,, Latinx,, Teacher,, Dane,, Kenosha,, Racine
Nellie Wilson
Nellie Wilson spent her life fighting for employment opportunities for women and was the first African American woman to hold a leadership position in her local steelworkers union.
Activism & Social Change, first, Milwaukee, Activist, Labor, African American

Ramona Villarreal
Ramona Villarreal is a Mexican American activist who has devoted her life to fighting for equality and justice for people with Mexican/Latinx heritage in Wisconsin.
Activism & Social Change, Education, Activist, Teacher, First, Milwaukee, Waushara, Dane

Doris Thom
Doris Thom, who helped open higher-paying jobs to women in Wisconsin, was the first woman to hold leadership positions in her local labor unions.
Activism & Social Change, Women’s Movement, Activist, Labor,Rock