County: Winnebago

Nancy Zieman

Nancy Zieman was a successful businesswoman and the host of the longest-running sewing show on television.
Image description: A headshot of Peg Lautenschlager.

Peg Lautenschlager

Peg Lautenschlager was the first female district attorney for Winnebago County, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin, and the first female Attorney General of Wisconsin.
Image description: A headshot of Danae D. Davis.

Danae D. Davis

Trained as a lawyer and committed to equity, Danae Davis is passionate about “success for every child, in every school, from cradle to career.”
Image description: A black-and-white photo of Helen Farnsworth Mears leaning against a ladder.

Helen Farnsworth Mears

Helen Farnsworth Mears's statue of Frances Willard was the first sculpture of a woman to be placed in National Statuary Hall.
Image description: A black-and-white portrait-style photo of Jessie Jack Hooper.

Jessie Jack Hooper

Jessie Jack Hooper, a suffragist, was president of the Wisconsin League of Women Voters and also ran for the U.S. Senate in 1922.
Image description: An artistic depiction of a Ho-Chunk settlement in the 1700s.

Ho-poe-kaw Glory of the Morning

Ho-poe-kaw, which translates to “Glory of the Morning,” was a Ho-Chunk chief in the 1700s.