About the Website

The Wisconsin Women Making History website at www.womeninwisconsin.org will provide students and lifetime learners an online destination to find remarkable women who have contributed to Wisconsin’s state legacy.

Wisconsin women have historically stepped into leadership roles, worked to improve their communities, and innovated in science, the arts, business and governance. Through multimedia, the website brings to life the stories of women and girls often overlooked in Wisconsin history. Educators will find resources to incorporate the site into their classrooms and lifetime learners will find ways to get their communities involved.

Women featured on the website were selected by a committee of advisors from across the Wisconsin. While the site is not intended to be a comprehensive list, nominations may be considered for future site updates. Click here to nominate a Wisconsin woman who has made significant contributions to the state’s legacy.

Wisconsin Women Making History is a partnership of the Wisconsin Historical Society, Wisconsin Humanities Council, Wisconsin Public Television, and the University of Wisconsin Women’s Studies Consortium. Look forward to the launch during Women’s History Month in March 2015.